Manolos Aviation 

Old Airport Road, Section 362, Aerial Boulevard | PO BOX 4746, LAE, MP, Papua New Guinea
Ph:+675 7107 6963 or +675 7636 2156 | Email:


Tokua Hanger, Portion 4888, Tokua, ENBP | PO BOX 80,New Rabaul, ENBP, Papua New Guinea
Ph:+675 7224 2189 | Email:

Niugini Heliworks is able to execute the most technologically advanced search & rescue missions to provide aid for civilians and others in distress. With our operating bases geographically located in the four most central points of Papua New Guinea, we are able to deploy missions as effectively and with minimal time delays.

Working closely with communications industries in Papua New Guinea we have developed a mobile phone app that is able to detect ping signals and monitor distress calls in real time, making it easier to get to people as soon as communication is established.