Manolos Aviation 

Old Airport Road, Section 362, Aerial Boulevard | PO BOX 4746, LAE, MP, Papua New Guinea
Ph:+675 7107 6963 or +675 7636 2156 | Email:

Medevac toll free Ph: +675 7260 0007


Tokua Hanger, Portion 4888, Tokua, ENBP | PO BOX 80,New Rabaul, ENBP, Papua New Guinea
Ph:+675 7224 2189 | Email:

Medevac Ph: +675 7000 6060 




“Picked by Mothers for Mothers” Inan Coffee is sourced from organically grown coffee trees owned by women coffee farmers from Daga Village in Milne Bay Province.

A partnership between Grey Café and Manolos Aviation, the product is made from coffee beans which are bought directly from mothers at Daga Village, and later roasted and packed in Lae.

The pink coffee pack is dedicated to supporting Manolos Aviation’s Mama Medevac Program. A Program launched in 2014 to bring hope to rural mothers who are experiencing child birth complications that need life saving support and treatment.

Every time you buy a pink pack, K5 is donated towards supporting the Mama Medevac Program.

You can buy a K25 pink pack and support rural mothers who are medevaced under this program.

Thank you for your support!

 Inan Coffee Flyer