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Old Airport Road, Section 362, Aerial Boulevard | PO BOX 4746, LAE, MP, Papua New Guinea
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Medevac toll free Ph: +675 7260 0007


Tokua Hanger, Portion 4888, Tokua, ENBP | PO BOX 80,New Rabaul, ENBP, Papua New Guinea
Ph:+675 7224 2189 | Email:

Medevac Ph: +675 7000 6060 

A mother being prepared for transfer from Tawa sub-health centre in Menyamya into Lae for further treatment.
Mama medevac at Yomeng Village in Finschhafen, Morobe. The mother gave birth to triplets, which died days later.
Mama medevac at Gaeng Village in Finschhafen.
Mama medevac at Veroi Village, Abau, Central Province.
A mother medevaced from Menyamya Health Centre breastfeeding her son inside the helicopter..
Medical supply delivery to Tokena sub-health centre in Obura-Wonenara District of Eastern Highlands
Medical supply delivery to Finongan Aidpost in Nawaeb, Morobe

MAMA Medevac in 2019

2019 has been a special year for Manolos Aviation and especially for women experiencing birth complications in remote Papua New Guinea.

Through a medical evacuation program with our partners, from January through to December Manolos Aviation has been able to medevac  239 critical cases throughout Papua New Guinea.

Manolos Aviation takes pride in delivering this life saving service and extends its gratitude to all its partners who without their support, this MAMA Program could not be possible. 

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Please join us in 2020 to bring hope to those in need! Our people need us!